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We are proud to partner Canterbury, the iconic rugby-inspired sportswear brand, in India.  Its origins stretch back to 1904, when John Lane, Pringle Walker and Alfred Rudkin began making tough woolen garments in Canterbury, New Zealand. 


As its reputation grew, nearly a decade later the Australian and New Zealand army asked Canterbury to produce clothes and equipment for their units in World War 1. Since then Canterbury has grown to become a Kiwi national institution, and was the outfitter of the All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby Team, for 75 years. Amongst its many official associations, Canterbury now sponsors the England Rugby Team and the New Zealand Cricket Team.

We will be launching Canterbury's rugged, stylish gymwear, and its rugby and cricket training gear, in 2017. Please visit www.canterbury.com for more information. 

India Womens National Rugby Squad kitted in Canterbury Challenge jerseys.

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